Strawberry Sweater
Strawberry Sweater
Strawberry Sweater

Strawberry Sweater

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shoutout to my friend Nino who told me early 2021 that i should make Nana merch because "the series is super cute and fashion related so i could probably make something cool from it"

like a dummy I responded like "I'd love to but who's gonna buy clothes inspired by some random series from the early 2000's?"

well, I've been proven VERY wrong on that so here's my formal apology to her and also all the Nana fans that had to wait longer than they should've for some designs to be made

  • Material: 35% Viscose, 20% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 20% Nylon
  • Modeled Size Guide This guide shows different models with various body types wearing the full range of XS through XXXL knit sweaters. Check it out for the best idea of how each size will fit.

  • For the size chart, compare the measurements given to a piece of clothing that you own to see how it would fit. Take the measurements as shown on the diagram.

  • Non-Standard sizing. The sizes listed are the sizes the option will best fit, but please check the size chart to verify your sizing.

  • Sweaters will fit the same as cardigans minus the buttons!

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