Tattoo Sweater
Tattoo Sweater
Tattoo Sweater
Tattoo Sweater
Tattoo Sweater

Tattoo Sweater

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catch me on the line with my accountant trying to explain how all my tattoos are technically a business expense because of this sweater, so it's totally okay that i wrote them all off.

hold on the IRS is at the door, they say they just wanna talk 

Here we are one year and 3 tattoos later. I'd like to consider it 4 tattoos cause the tiger took two sessions but it only gets y'all one graphic so, whoops.

I added nobara's hammer, a sick tiger my partner drew, and jolyne's butterfly dagger tattoo. shoutout to my tattoo artist and all my graphic artists who works on the pieces that i liked enough to put on my body!

Still keeping these at a discount price since this is a passion project, not something I'm trying to make money on! 

2021 Description:

have you ever thought "Wow i wish i was as cool as the owner of steady hands?"

probably not because i keep myself pretty private and behind the scenes because i fear any modicum of fame that might eventually reach me.

but if you have though that i made a bunch of cool designs over the past few years this sweater may be for you!

I've compiled my 4 arm tattoos onto a sweater to mimic the look of how they look on me irl.

this is going to be the first in an annual limited release sweater that will come out every year on the 25th of December (my birthday) to celebrate another year of running this wonderful brand!

and as a special celebration for the inaugural sweater i've priced it at only $25 so grab one fast!

every year the release of the sweater will be limited to my age, meaning this year there are just 25 sweaters available until I close preorders!

  • Screen-printed graphics
  • Black 330 GSM cotton fleece sweater


  • Fits very boxy and oversized
  • True size is recommended for an oversized look, but a size down will work for a more fitted look.