Survey Corps Cardigan
Survey Corps Cardigan
Survey Corps Cardigan
Survey Corps Cardigan

Survey Corps Cardigan

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shoutout to the short king levi lookalike mother fudgers that are copping this cardigan!

i love and respect you

Part of the Fan Favorites Collection!

  • Material: 35% Viscose, 20% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 20% Nylon


  • For the size chart, compare the measurements given to a piece of clothing that you own to see how it would fit. Take the measurements as shown on the diagram.
  • Modeled Size Guide This is a collection of 6 different models of various sizes wearing the range of XS through XXXL cardigans, so you can get the best idea of how each size will fit.
  • Non-Standard sizing. The sizes listed are the sizes the option will best fit, but please check the size chart to verify your sizing.
  • You can also view the video size guides here to help get your best fit. Model Info: 5'5" ~120lbs Model Info: 5'8" ~150lbs

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