Mono Curse Mark Hoodie
Mono Curse Mark Hoodie
Mono Curse Mark Hoodie
Mono Curse Mark Hoodie
Mono Curse Mark Hoodie

Mono Curse Mark Hoodie

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These items will likely arrive before X-Mas for those in the U.S., but there is no guarantee that they will Wave 3 Preorders are ESTIMATED to ship mid December, but may ship later. Please check the preorder updates page for any updates

so when i made the first 2 curse mark hoodies i titled them "purple curse mark hoodie" and "black curse mark hoodie" on the back end because one used purple fabric and the other used black fabric.

it made sense at the time.

then when i made the burning curse mark hoodie i titled it "red curse mark hoodie" which made sense on its own cause it's a red curse mark. but compared to the others it didn't cause the fabric was black, not red. so now my manufacturer will often get confused and when i get packages to ship out preorders and i see something that says "purple curse mark"/"black curse mark" the contents can be either the black curse mark hoodie or the purple curse mark regardless of the label on the box. which is cool cause i get to play a little blind box game every time i restock these bad boys. i love it! T_T

enjoy this white curse mark hoodie tho

  • Screen printed pattern
  • Embroidered curse seal on the back left shoulder.
  • Black base color.
  • Oversized fit with drop shoulders.
  • Ribbed cuffs, and waistband.
  • 330 GSM fleece.


  • Fits very boxy and oversized.
  • True size is recommended for an oversized look, but a size down will work for a more fitted look.