Gotei 13 Cardigan
Gotei 13 Cardigan
Gotei 13 Cardigan
Gotei 13 Cardigan

Gotei 13 Cardigan

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i was thiiiiiiis close to using toshiro's number on the back of this cardi and calling it the Tōshirō Hitsugaya cardigan. but ultimately i decided to make it say "hand" instead cause branding is more important than having everyone's favorite (for some reason) captain's number.

my favorite captain was shunsui anyway but he already has a cardigan so no need to have his number on this

  • Material: 35% Viscose, 20% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 20% Nylon


  • For the size chart, compare the measurements given to a piece of clothing that you own to see how it would fit. Take the measurements as shown on the diagram.
  • Modeled Size Guide This is a collection of 6 different models of various sizes wearing the range of XS through XXXL cardigans, so you can get the best idea of how each size will fit.
  • Non-Standard sizing. The sizes listed are the sizes the option will best fit, but please check the size chart to verify your sizing.
  • You can also view the video size guides here to help get your best fit. Model Info: 5'5" ~120lbs Model Info: 5'8" ~150lbs

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