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Zenitsu Cardigan

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Image of Zenitsu Cardigan
  • Image of Zenitsu Cardigan
  • Image of Zenitsu Cardigan
  • Image of Zenitsu Cardigan
  • Image of Zenitsu Cardigan

DS WKND Preorders are ESTIMATED to ship mid August, but may ship later. Please check the preorder updates page for any updates This cardigan in particular may be subject to longer delays due to the custom dying process.

The Zenitsu Cardigan uses custom dyed yarn to achieve the gradient effect on it. Due to this fact each individual cardigan will have a slightly different gradient pattern. This means that your specific cardigan isn't guaranteed to look exactly like the pictures here.

Furthermore if you're unhappy with the gradient pattern on your cardigan you can return it, but it will not be considered a damaged item that gets replaced for free. The difference in gradient is part of the product.

Check the last slide for an example of how the difference can look.

i can't believe i had to write a whole ass disclaimer when my normal descriptions are fill with dumb anime inside jokes. this job sucks sometimes i s2g.

anyways buy the demon slayer manga and don't sleep on this cardigan.

Material:35% Viscose, 20% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 20% Nylon

Size Chart Available here.

Non-Standard sizing.

The sizes listed are the sizes the option will best fit, but please check the size chart to verify your sizing.

You can also view the video size guides here to help get your best fit.
Model Info: 5'5" ~120lbs
Model Info: 5'8" ~150lbs