Uzui Cardigan

$45.00 USD Coming Soon

December Cardi Wknd Preorders are ESTIMATED to ship LATE MARCH, but may ship later. Please check the preorder updates page for any updates

i'm not saying this cardigan will make you the god of flashiness and festivals, but it's definitely the closest us mortals can get to the feeling.

i'm also not saying that this cardigan will get you not one, but THREE wives, but i'm definitely not saying it wouldn't help.

Due to the nature of jacquard knitting, the different panels of fabric will have slightly different tints to the base grey color used on the cardigan. The knit blends the colors of all the threads present in the weave which lead to a subtle change in the color between the front two panels and the arms.

This is not a defect, but just an unfortunate side effect of the nature of the product. Please understand that this will be present on all Uzui Cardigans purchased

Material: 35% Viscose, 20% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 20% Nylon

Size Chart Available Here.

Modeled Size Guide.

The above link has a collection of 6 different models of various sizes wearing the range of XS through XXXL cardigans so you can get the best idea of how each size will fit.

Non-Standard sizing.

The sizes listed are the sizes the option will best fit, but please check the size chart to verify your sizing.

You can also view the video size guides here to help get your best fit.
Model Info: 5'5" ~120lbs
Model Info: 5'8" ~150lbs