Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to [my country]?

- I ship worldwide!

- All prices on the site are in USD.

- Shipping prices are based on weight of the package with base prices being around $10 for the US, $17 for Canada and $25 for any other international order. 

- This is just for one item, the price will increase accordingly for each item you add as the cost of shipping increases with the weight of the package.


What's your return policy?

- Returns are accepted for any reason as long as the item is in it's original condition and it's within 90 days of you receiving the item.

- The rule of thumb is that if there is a mistake made on my part I will pay the return shipping and ship the replacement package immediately after.

- If there is a size disrecpency you will have to pay the return shipping to send back the wrong size, then when received and checked I will send the replacement size for $5-$10 per item to cover shipping (for domestic orders).

- If an item is returned for a refund, only the cost of the item would be refunded, not the shipping costs. You are responsible to pay return shipping as well. 

I'm sure we'd both like to avoid that process, so if you have any hold ups on sizing, email me via the contact page or DM me on Instagram (@SteadyHandsApparel) and we can discuss what's best.

How does [this item] fit?

- There is sizing information on every single item at the bottom of the description to better help. This includes the models height and weight measurements if available and a link to a size chart. There's also 

- It is recommended to compare the measurements on a size chart to a garment you already own to see how it will fit. You can do so by laying your garment flat and taking measurements in the same way shown on the size charts. The numbers given can be off due to the fact that the fabrics have a bit of stretch to them, but are generally accurate.

- Some items have size guide videos of different models wearing different sizes to best compare to your own body type.

How long do you take to ship?

- For non preorder items I ship from my warehouse twice a week (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually) so any item ordered during the week should ship on the following Tuesday. Occassionally there will be delays as my team handles shipping out a large amount of preorders.

- All items in the U.S. will arrive between 1-5 days from being shipped usually.

- Items to Canada and Mexico can take a 2-4 weeks.

- Items anywhere else will take between 3-8 weeks, but delays are common.

- If you combined a non preorder item with a preorder item in your order then it will ship preorder items ship. If you mistakenly made an order like this you can use this listing and the "Seperate Preorder Shipping" option to have the stocked items ship faster.

When will my preorder ship?

- Preorders all have ESTIMATES for their shipping time frames on their product page, but more current updates can be found on the Preorder Update page to get a better idea of when your item will ship.

- Delays are unfortunately common and the estimate is only that, there is no guarantee on when a preorder will ship. If you don't want to wait for a preorder then please do not purchase any item listed as such.

Will I receive a tracking email when my order ships?

- Yes, a tracking link is always automatically sent to your email when the package is shipped. As long as you entered the proper email when you purchased you will receive this email.

- Tracking for international orders does not always extend past the United States, however you can check the tracking link to see if this is the case. 

- Customers are responsible to know and be ready to pay for any custom or import fees for your items.

How long will my refund take?

- Depending on the payment method refunds can be instant (PayPal) or take up to 14 days (Debit/Credit Card). This is out of my control so unfortunately I cannot expedite the process at all. 

- If the refund was processed immediately (Cancelling an order directly after placing it) then the refund will often not show up as a credit to your account, but instead the pending transaction will just be removed and no money will be taken in the first place.

Are you looking for a model/photographer/promoter?

- I do appreciate the offer, but I tend to prefer keeping all of that in house among my own team. However if you do purchase something and take pictures in it/of it feel free to contact me as I occasionally do repost some on my Intagram and would be more than happy to feature/credit you. 

Are you planning on restocking [this item]?

I'm more than willing to restock an item if there's enough interest in it, so feel free to contact me and let me know if you're looking for something to come back!


If your question was not answered here feel free to contact me at  or on the contact page.